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Dome Update and Practice Schedule through Wed 11/3
Oct 30, 2010, 1:44 pm
Hi All, Dome is up!!! They have to put all the lights in and have Fire Marshall Bill approve it so I'm hoping by end of the week we can be in but maybe not so I will program thru Wed and send out something on Tues for the rest of the week. Schedule is same as last week except I am adding two practices at Reynolds Monday night and Wed night at 8pm:)
Monday Nov 1st- Practice at Reynolds Middle School 11:45am to 1pm and Practice at Reynolds 8pm to 9pm.
Tuesday Nov 2nd Practice at David Douglas 7:30pm to 8:45pm
Wed Nov 3rd  Same as Monday both at Reynolds 11:45am to 1pm and 8pm to 9pm.
                                                      Coach Bake:)

Red Alert Schedule Change, Dome going up and other good stuff!!
Oct 20, 2010, 4:46 pm
Hi All, wow what a great run of good weather and just in time the Dome is going up Oct. 25 Monday. Hope it won't take too long to put up this year ( last year it ripped if you remember ) Also there is a meet this weekend which will affect Sunday only. Above is the Schedule thru Sunday Oct 31st, again its a little sparse so I will post a bunch of workouts on the website if you can get to another pool.:)
We had two of our swimmers compete in the Portland Marathon! they both did awesome!
Ellen Kramer did a 3:38.05 and got 38th out of 754 in her age group and qualified for Boston Marathon!!! Nice job Ellen:)
Ryan Marquardt ran a 2:57.40 and got 8th out of 531 in his age group and also qualified for Boston!!! Be sure and tell them great job when you see them.
Hey Gang, if your not gonna swim for a month you gotta let our accountant or me know about it!!! It really mucks up the system if you don't. Just shoot either of us a email it really means a lot:)
Thursday night Oct 28th will be last Thurs in Oct. we will be at DD so plan on McMinns at 205 after practice!!
Lastly, we are hosting the Oregon Masters Assoc Champs in the Dome on April 1st - 3rd!!!
Great chance for many of you to swim first race!! More to come later on this:)
                                                 Coach Bake

Jason's Catalina Crossing Quest He broke the breast stroke record!!
Sep 30, 2010, 5:48 am

Updates from Megan on the crossing of breaststroke warrior Jason Lassen.

Note: The times are being extrapolated from Facebook so may be off. Roxanne

He broke the breaststroke record!! Congratulations Jason

2:30ish pm......  HE MADE IT!!!! 15:59!!!

1:24pm...... So close. I see the beach through the fog. Go go go!


12:30pm.... ‎1.5 nautical miles left.

10:55am.... Lookin good. About 3 miles left.

9:40am...... About 5 miles left!!

8:45am...... Sun! And fog.. which keeps water calmer.

8:00am...... Fog rolling in all around. He's warming up after several warm feeds.

7:40am...... Here comes the fog. Probably a good for the mind not being able to see the shore right now.


7:00am...... In heating the beverage, and sampling for safety, I burned my tongue and lips! But his are good.

6:30am...... Half way. A little cold but hangin in there.

6:30am...... Day is breaking. Rough patch for last few feedings, he's feeling cold. Warm drinks X2 now.

6:00am...... Stroke rate=22, knows pertinent info. Going strong.

5:00am...... 6 hrs in. Strong and knows answers to Q's.

2:00am...... Just saw dolphins before last feeding. Kayak change in 4 min.

1:00am...... Two hours in! Rockin and rollin on the boat.. ugh. Jason's still strong.

12:00am.... ‎1 hour in. 3 feedings and a pee or two down! Looking strong at 24 strokes / min.

10:30pm.... Jason is in the water.

From Jason.... Here we go

From Megan during the night ..........  Boat is slowing.. getting close to Catalina. Cold in the air. Very dark

Jason ..........Getting ready to start my swim







Red Alert!! Schedule Change this Sat Sept 25th
Sep 22, 2010, 5:01 pm

Hi All, there is a kids meet this Sat at Mt. Hood so we will be at DD on Sat only; Sunday is normal at Mt. Hood.:):) Nice weather, water is warm get to practice!!! :):)   See Practice Changes Above and Pool Sites for address to David Douglas pool.

ach Bake

Carb Loading Party for Jason - has been canceled.
Sep 17, 2010, 7:31 pm

Our thoughts are with Megan and Jason........ the team.

Pool Closures and Schedule Changes
Sep 9, 2010, 5:05 pm
Ok Gang,
Here is the deal finally, they are shutting down the 50 meter pool this Friday morning the 10th along with the heat. It will be out for a week or so. In light of the pool conditions and weather we are going to DD for this weekend and next. Next week is a little light because all the pools are being worked on or have activities going so see Practice Changes above for times and pools.
Reynolds Pool is at Reynolds Middle School address is 1200 NE 201st Ave Fairview OR 97024.
                                          Coach Bake:)

Practice Change for Labor Day Sept 6th
Sep 1, 2010, 6:17 pm
Hi All, I forgot the holiday, we will have one practice only at 9:00am on Monday Sept 6th at Mt. Hood no night practice.:):)
                                              Coach Bake

Team Update: New Site, New Rates, Mesa SC Nationals 2011 Links
Aug 31, 2010, 2:36 pm
Hi All,
Let's talk schedule first. It looks like we are good with the normal schedule through the 12th of Sept. That may change, so keep checking emails and our NEW website!!! Thanks to Roxy this will be a much more interactive site.
Our new rates start tomorrow!! Unless you have a prepaid package ongoing, check out the new rates on our site. Oh that reminds me, you may have to reload site onto your favorites as some people have mentioned it might not switch automatically.  oregonreignmasters.org.
Make sure dues are received early in the month as always.
Preliminary USMS SC Nationals "Event Order" and "Hotels" are up on the host team's website; in Mesa April/May 2010 (direct links to both are on our site under the Links tab to the left). This will be a great Nationals for us to go to. The Host team website is mesamasters.com  Click on the nationals tab for Hotels and click on their nationals page for Event Order. 
                                                            Coach Bake:)

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