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Pre-Association Blast Meet Registration and Deadline
Feb 10, 2011, 6:43 am

Here is a link for on-line swimmer registration and meet information including order of events for the March 13th Pre-Association Blast Yard Meet at Mt Hood Aquatics Center. The deadline to signup is February 25th.

Click here > On-line Signup - Blast Meet 3/13/11

If you are not swimming please volunteer to help by contacting Aubree or Dennis (there is no practice since the meet starts at 8:00am and runs approximately 4 hours):

Aubree.gustafson@gmail.com   or   bakeswim@yahoo.com

Schedule Change and Swim Meets Alert!!!!!
Feb 7, 2011, 10:00 pm
Hi All, what a great job everyone did on their 1 hour Postal swims!!! Ok its MEET SEASON here at our awesome complex so that means lots of stuff. First is the schedule change you will see above. Second is that we are hosting a meet March 13th Sunday and the big masters Association State Champs on April 1-3. We need a lot of help on both meets to pull off successful events. There is a sample sign up sheet below that you should look at and Aubree and I will have sign up sheets at the pool as well. If your not swimming in the meet you should be working the meet. If your swimming the meet and can work a little do that too. Call friends and family to come help us this is a MUST!!
We are defending State Champions so the Association Meet on April 1-3 is the one meet I like everyone possible to attend!!!!
Also we are hosting kids meets this month and next and they need volunteers as well please contact Julie Greenaway at 503-804-8743 or agreena833@aol.com if you can help out at any of these meets. This is important time for our facility to make money so we can continue provide this awesome facility.
Lastly lets get your dues in ASAP and get registered for USMS if you have not done so:)
Above is the schedule for next 30 days, see ya at the pool:)  Coach Bake

Pre-Association Blast SCY Meet

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

 Please talk to Dennis or Aubree

Or contact us at the following email addresses

***Please plan to be at the pool for approximately 4 hours Sunday***
Meet info: Sunday, March 13th - Warm Ups: 8AM, Meet Starts: 9AM

Arrive 8:30am























































**Ask family and friends who may be attending the meet. Timers must be at least 12 years of age**
Marshals: Marshals must be present during warm-up and the duration of competition to monitor the warm-up/warm-down lane(s). You will need to be available from warm up till the end of the meet (approx. 4 hours). You will be able to trade out with timers or other marshal volunteers. Please plan to arrive at 7:50AM (10 minutes before warm-ups start).
















One Hour Postal Jan 22nd and 23rd
Jan 13, 2011, 6:29 am
Hi All, we will be having One Hour Postal set up for Saturday January 22nd from 10am to 12noon and Sunday January 23rd from 8:30am to 10:30am. Open to non Reign members for a reduced drop in fee of $5 for the special weekend. You need a timer and I will have a few watches on hand for timing. I will have paperwork for all who need it and clip boards. Normal practice times for those not doing 1 hour postal but I strongly encourage Reign members to try this out you will love it!!! The pool will set up short course so lots of lanes:)
Many thanks to Linda Bley for hosting holiday party it was a blast!!
Remember to get re registered for USMS ASAP if you haven't done so!!!
                                              Coach Bake:)

RSVP for Party Today, Practice Updates, Postal Swim & USMS Registration
Jan 3, 2011, 3:51 pm
Happy New Year to All,
Last Chance to RSVP me for the Holiday Party happening this weekend!! Do this now as I will be giving Linda Bley the head count tomorrow; details of the party to the right.

Also, just like last year Carole Miles will have boxes and envelopes for food and cash donations for the Oregon Food Bank so please bring donations to party for this very worthy cause!! Thanks Carole:)
There are meets the next two weekends in the Dome so check Practice Updates above for changes.
I will be scheduling the ONE HOUR Postal swim probably on the last weekend in January so stay tuned later this week for that update. If you want to do it at night or at noon let me know as there is plenty of room. You just need a counter and stop watch:)
Get your Registrations in for USMS as the New Year is upon us!!
Lets get crackin!!!  Coach Bake:)

Nov 23, 2010, 1:17 pm
Hi All, Mt. Hood Aquatic center is open. Wed practices are normal times.  
                                                   Coach Bake

Practice Change for Saturday 11/13/10 and Holiday (11/25 and 11/26)
Nov 17, 2010, 2:14 pm
Hi Gang, they have combined the age group meet into a Fri/Sat meet and will not be swimming on Sunday so we can have practice at Mt. Hood in the Dome on Sunday Nov.21st at 9:00am as normal.

Please email me your input on Xmas Party Dates, Weekends could be Dec 11th 12th, or 18th,19th or we could wait till after holiday like we have in the past due to bad weather and seemed to have a bigger turnout. Possible locations are Gresham Golf Course, Mine and Roxy's house or if anyone else has a suggestion they are welcome.:)

Coach Bake

Please Help Prevent the Possible Closure of Corvallis' Osborn Aquatic Center
Nov 14, 2010, 10:07 am
OMS Board,
The City of Corvallis is considering closing Osborn Aquatic Center.  Please read the following.
We have an urgent matter that must be addressed immediately! Due to a shortfall of 5.2 million dollars in the City budget, the City Council is seriously considering closing the Osborn Aquatic Center.  The budget shortfall is based on property tax dollars.  The City has five departments that are subsidized through these funds; Parks and Recreation, Library, Community Development, Fire, and Police.  Some decision makers have expressed that since Police and Fire provide Healthy and Safety services, they can not afford to take on any of the burden of the budget reductions.  This means that Parks and Recreation (Osborn), and the Library will be responsible for the lion’s share of the reductions.
I think it is important to make it clear to the city Council that Osborn provides essential health and safety services as much as any other department.  Osborn serves the entire community including babies, elderly, injured, disabled, athletes, etc.  We live in a city bordered by rivers, if people do not have access to swim lessons, the incidence of drowning will increase.  If injured and disabled people can’t exercise in water, their health and mobility will decline. If elderly people do not have a place to go, they could become “shut-ins”
The budget shortfall is significant, and the Council has many alternatives to consider.  Simply closing Osborn will not solve the problem.  We would still have to spend money to keep the building and pools in good condition.  To solve the problem, we hope the Council will consider two options; 1) spread the burden of reductions evenly amongst all City departments; 2) reach out to the community by asking them to support a levy that would fund the operating budget for Osborn as well as other services.
We need your help!  Please write a letter to the Mayor and City Council.  In your letter tell the Mayor and City Council your experiences with Osborn Aquatic Center. (i.e. OMS Association Championships 2006 & 2010).
Letters should be addressed to Mayor Tomlinson and City Council. Please state that you want your letter included in the November 22, 2010 City Council packet.
Your letters should be sent to kathy.louie@ci.corvallis.or.us Letters are due by Wednesday, November 17, 2010.


Thanks for your help, Tim Waud

ORM 3000, 6000 yds Postal Swims!
Nov 9, 2010, 5:56 pm
Hi All, This Sat and Sun Nov.13th and 14th we will be providing lanes for all those who would like to get their Postal Swims in before the deadline of the 15th. Sat. we will start postals at 10am with normal practice starting at 10:30am as normal. Sunday we will start Postals at 8:30am with normal practice starting at 9 am. I will have paperwork and clipboards and watches if needed, remember you must bring a counter. If not a ORM member a normal 10 dollar drop in fee will apply.
Remember to re up your USMS membership soon!!  For on-line registration click here > USMS
                                                  Coach Bake:)

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